Friday, August 12, 2011

Christine Lewis Photography Scrapbooked- Jonah's Smash Cake Pics

I love this picture! Jonah happily waiting for cake.

I had no idea Jonah was capable of eating an entire cake and making such a huge mess! He was happy and hilarious eating his little heart out. Christine Lewis once again outdid herself, though sugar high Jonah was all smiles. She did have some trouble staying still when laughing since he was sucking icing off his toes! He did reach a sugar comma stage there at the end where he just stared into space. The hardest part for me was cleaning him and the highchair in the middle of the park after he was done. We also gave several runners a good laugh. For some reason, a baby smashing a cake in the middle of the path is not something you see every day:).

I used several kits:
    Fiesta by TwinMom Scraps
   American Boy by Scrappy Cocoa
   Boom Boom Pow by Sweet Shoppe Designs
  Birthday Card by Chelle's Creation

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jonah's Baby Book:7, 10, and 11 months old

  Yay! I've scrapbooked all the months of Jonah's first year now. All that is left is his birthday! I tried using different styles from traditional to modern, though there is always a lot of blue:).

  7 months old scrapbook pages are more traditional/American style. Whenever there is red in the picture, I end up using patriotic kits. The main kits I used for this are:
       Boyish Adventures by Ramona the Pest (yes, that is her site name)
         Let Freedom Ring by Amy Stoffell
      Adventures for Boys (Alpha)- Jennys Scrap Place

  I already scrapbooked 8 and 9 months since Christine Lewis took professional pictures of him. Check out previous posts for those. I actually didn't use much blue in those pages. :)

  10 months old: I found this kit called "Soooo Fresh" that just shouted "Jonah and sunshine." It has much more of a modern/fresh and bright feel to it. The kit is from Shabby Pickle (I just love that name).

11 months old: The pictures I took were purposefully blue and with Blues Clues, to make the invite for Jonah's "Red, White, and Blue's Clues" birthday party. The style is once again Americana, but not as traditional. More "kiddie" I guess.

Okay, maybe they are pretty traditional.
kit's used:
                 Let Freedom Ring by Amy Stoffell
                Star Spangle Glory by Cupcake Sprinkles
                Independence alpha by Studio Ellie
                Hit the Road alpha by Wild Dandelions
                Bad to the Bone by Dream Big Designs