Monday, August 18, 2014

MFW First Grade: Math Can Be FUN!

Yes, math can be fun. Both of my boys can't WAIT until number of the day time! This is what the beginning set up looks like:
I found the printables for the number of the day on the My Father's World 1st Grade facebook group page. If you are using this curriculum, I highly recommend you join this group and download lots of wonderful goodies from the files! We have two cups for counting beans (my little one had to have his own), a cup for the coins we count, and I also added counting beads that they take turns putting on the pipe cleaner. 

 I laminated the printable and gave my boys a washable dry-erase marker:

on day 10 we glued the beans to a popsicle stick to show 10's and 1's. 
Here is day 11's number of the day work:

The My Father's World 1st grade curriculum comes with pattern blocks and an animal pattern book.
Bragging moment: My 6 year old did all three of these without any help from me:

It also comes with unifix cubes. They LOVE making patterns:

We took a break from Math-U-See Alpha (+9 was frustrating him), and we are using this book that comes with the curriculum. Honestly, it is too easy for him, but we are building math confidence back up.

Yesterday was Dozen Day. We celebrated the fact that we reached the 12th day of school! 
We read Madeline, a beloved book that my mom (and probably my dad too) can quote in its entirety. They read it to me and my sister SOOOO many times:).
(there are 12 little girls in case you don't understand the Dozen Day connection)

We counted a dozen eggs in the carton, and then we made a dozen hard-boiled eggs. (Hmmm, I just remembered they made two of them their pets and I should probably go find where they put them outside)

We also did a dozen jumping jacks, (we counted "1,2,3,4...11, a DOZEN!), a dozen squats, a dozen regular jumps, and anything else active they could think of.

I baked a dozen muffins, with a little help, but by that time they were over dozen day and ready for the weekend:). 
And who says math can't be fun? I may have a hard time convincing that math is fun when we get to Algebra, but for now... we shall count eggs and be happy!

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