Thursday, September 4, 2014

How I Organize Classical Conversations, My Father's World 1st Grade , and Pre-K

Ready to go to our first day of CC (Classical Conversations)

The boys were so excited to get to go to school! My first grader even made a comment that it was so cool that he had two schools- homeschool and CC! 
Here is our take home art and science from week 1:

We started My Father's World first grade (and Jonah's Pre-k) curriculum a month earlier just so I could figure out how to manage everything at the same time. How on earth do mother's of more than two kids keep things straight? I decided my method for mischief managed would be the workbox system. Here is my organization set-up:

When we are ready to start school (usually 9am), I say "Get me box #1 and #2!" The boys race to get the boxes out and bring them to the kitchen table.

Box 1: MFW  Bible assignments (including Proverbs memory work) and my teacher's manual

Box 2:  MFW 1st grade workbook and phonics worksheet for the day. Sometimes I will add an easy reader in there for him to read. 

Box 3: Classical Conversations flip book (memory work put on 4x6 cards in a $1 photo album from Melody Stroud on CC Connected) and any project/library book to add for the day. We also review/listen to the songs and work on all memory work for the week. This week somehow became an obsession with ships (because we are learning about the ships the Nina, the Pinta , and the Santa Maria).

 This was actually part of our MFW curriculum to learn the blend "Sh"- we cut out a ship and wrote other words that began or ended in "sh".

 Little brother wanted a fold out ship too, so I wrote the names of Columbus's ships on it for him, and we reviewed the history sentence together.

Box 4: Has the number of the day laminated/reusable page with beans, coins, and other items needed

YELLOW Box 4 is for my yellow loving 4 year old. He can get this box whenever he is ready (usually when big brother is working through box 2). It has his coloring worksheet for the day along, with the teacher's manual for his Sing,Spell, Read and Write Pre-k curriculum. 

Box 5: Math workbook pages and manipulatives for the day. (Usually I place a few of the pattern blocks in there to remind me to get the box out)
Even pattern blocks were used to make the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. This was all my four year old's idea:

We worked more on the skip 2's (from CC AND MFW)

My Father's World had the great idea of matching up socks, then looking at the matches as you skip count by two. This is a great visual for kids!(and a great way to get the socks organized). I actually used this when I tutored at CC and the 5 and 6 year olds liked counting the socks.

  Here they are putting two stickers in each box before they skip count by two:

Here they are singing the CC skip count by 2's song:

YELLOW Box 5: Pre-k extras for four year old (aka: what he gets when he wants more school). Other worksheet and library books

Box 6: Science and science related library books OR Art Project

our Science seed/ sprouts project

Art fun from Ed Emberley Book

Box 7: Read -Aloud book (right now we are reading a book about Squanto to get a head start on CC week 2)

BOX 8: Future worksheets (they do not pull this box out)

As I am a very visual when it comes to organizing things, I am hoping all my pics/visuals will help a fellow home-school mom who just needs to SEE how to put it all together. 

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