Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adding "Love" Facts to Christine Lewis Photography

So I saw this idea on Pinterest.... and loved it! I immediately thought of several Christine Lewis Photography fave photos with big open spaces that were perfect for adding personal "Love" facts for each year of my childrens' lives. My plans are to make them into posters for the boys' playroom and also print them for their baby books. Now this isn't really a scrapbook: it's just adding layers of texts on a photo in photoshop (though spacing and blending take time for sure).

I'm sure I didn't remember everything my boys love or loved, but it sure was  fun going through memory lane. It reminded me how important it is to write things down as they happen. Jonah isn't even two yet, and I had a hard time thinking of what he was like when he first turned one!
If you are a customer of Christine Lewis photography ( and would like what your child loves written on a particular photo, just let me know! She is amazing at capturing the "love" in your child's eyes, and her style is perfect for adding the words that go with it!