Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Grade Fun with My Father's World

The last few weeks (MFW week 6 through 9) have been full of first grade fun, including several field trips:
Mercier Apple Farms

 LST 325 Memorial Ship

and our Chattanooga Warner Park Zoo

At home we have been doing A LOT of reading. For anyone that is worried about how slow My Father's World phonics moves in kindergarten, get ready, because it picks up a lot of speed in 1st grade! This is a good thing, as I believe all that work we did on learning short vowel sounds in kindergarten makes learning all the other rules in first grade so much easier. 

 He was not a fan of learning the words "girl", "her", and "sister":)

The boys discovered that the leftover paper from making the above world looked like a crown. I decided to make our reading review more fun by writing the words in different colors on the crown, so he read them all  before he put it on.

Of course there is math, but since I have a lot of unifix cubes, he has been having fun building the patterns that go with the math problems. I think he is a little genius, since he immediately discovered the color pattern it made when told to find all the ways to add blue and black together to make it add up to 6 (or 7, 8, or 9 the following days).

 The boys both LOVE doing the math with Sunshine Cafe and Rainbow Food Center. They constantly ask if they can play restaurant or grocery store now.

My favorite part is our beginning Bible time. We read stories from this precious book, that works towards character development with stories about animals:
We also learn a Proverbs each week, which doubles as the copy work.
Poor kiddo, week 6 was scary as the word "honeycomb" looked impossible to him. I covered up half the verse and put a tic-tac at the end to encourage him. It worked!

Here is week 9's verse, which came not a moment too late! We have been dealing with outbursts of anger, so I will review this scripture all year long!

We learned that the Bible is made up of 66 books by looking at 66 books together (they were in two piles for Old Testament and New Testament- just to give a visual)

It is not part of My Father's World, but we also keep up with a weekly journal. We did this last year too, and it a tradition I hope to always keep. Oh, and yes, he is wearing pajamas in all three of these pictures. Home-school does have some benefits:)